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Dante's Inferno Original Art
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Click here to see a larger image of this paintingFrom July 24-27, 2015, we had the pleasure to present the whole art collection at Comic Con International in San Diego in the Art Show section. People were fascinated with our Dante's Inferno art and we'll do it again next year.

During January 12 to February 28, 2011, after completing an initial 50-piece art collection based on Dante's Inferno, we had the immense joy to world pre-premiere it at the prestigious world re-knowned Pablo Atchugarry Foundation.

During November 2009, we had the joy of premiering a small part of a then 50-piece Dante's Inferno art collection. The small 12-piece exhibition took place during the American Film Market in Los Angeles. Among many important visitors, some of the assisting celebrities included director Armand Mastroianni, actors Rico Simonini and the late Francesco Quinn, son of the legendary Anthony Quinn.

We are planning on having some permanent and non-permanent exhibitions of Dante's Inferno art collection throughout the world.

We are also working on the possibility to exhibit in Florence, Italy, so far as a non-permanent exhibition, but still one of the best places on Earth to show our Dante's Inferno art collection.

The finished 72-piece art collection is also very likely that at least two more non-permanent exhibitions will take place in both the United States and Europe during 2014.

There are other possibilities in the works worldwide, yet to be announced.

If you wish us to consider having an exhibition at your 5-star hotel or your high-end place please send us an email to Thank you for your consideration.


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